Vulnerability Assessments


Take a proactive approach to cyber security to prevent critical downtime.


Many organizations lack the tools, expertise and internal personnel needed to deal with the full spectrum of security concerns that can impact daily operations.

Businesses invest massively in computer networks, software applications and communication systems which become critical to everyday operations. Building, maintaining and adopting the use of these systems are all big challenges that take a lot of time and money.

Once they are in everyday use, securing and protecting these systems can be a highly technical challenge. Technology is evolving rapidly and the playing field for any given industry will change over time. Sometimes tactical business decisions are made without the full scope of security concerns being a top priority.

Even with the best planning, sometimes even a tiny mistake made by one person can lead to a massive breach that affects thousands or even millions of people.

A security breach can be massively damaging to the operations, revenues, profitability and reputation of any organization. It also takes a significant toll on the morale of employees who rely on these systems and networks for their every-day work activities.

We hear about security breaches more and more these days in the news. Is this because these organizations are being negligent with their system or data security? Usually that is not the case. Often, it is simply because the vulnerability was not detected soon enough.

What you don’t know can hurt you.

Take a proactive approach to cyber security to prevent critical downtime.

Engage with Sentek Cyber to perform a professional and unbiased assessment of the potential security vulnerabilities of your business. We utilize the latest tools and technologies and will be looking at your system through a very different lens than your internal people.

With each assessment, we  will provide an executive breakdown of the findings in easy-to-understand terms along with all the technical documentation to back them up. We will also provide you with recommended next steps and any available options to address the concerns that our evaluations discover (or identify).


  • Can you say confidently that your critical business systems are secure? A Vulnerability Assessment from Sentek can give you peace of mind.
  • Let Sentek evaluate your critical business and communication systems for security vulnerabilities.
  • Dealing with a compromised system is far more expensive than finding and fixing security vulnerabilities before a breach occurs.


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