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Every company who relies on technology is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.


Cyber-attacks can happen to any company at any time. These technologies are also continuously evolving into better, more efficient threats.

Every company who relies on technology is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The media is replete with stories of large organizations scrambling in the wake of massive data breaches. As companies continue to use evolving technologies, the threats to their network continue to increase in sophistication, as well.

How does a company keep up with an ever-changing landscape when it comes to cyber security? Risk assessment. It is vital that companies continuously assess their risk of attack and evaluate and identify areas of weakness in their cyber security. However, this type of risk assessment must happen continuously and requires a level of expertise that some companies, due to size or overhead, just don’t have.

Our team of consultants has over 16 years of Risk Assessment experience. The Sentek team can identify areas of weakness and help your company implement better security.

The Sentek testing consultancy group can help companies identify previously unknown areas of weakness in business infrastructures. This type of security assessment is critical in preventing and avoiding future cyber attacks. The Sentek team is comprised of experts in the field, who are able to quickly identify and eliminate risk in an ever-changing technological landscape.

Our Sentek experts specialize in identifying risks and providing guidance on implementing enhanced protocols. This efficient analysis allows your company to rely on our expertise to quickly eliminate threats and improve processes.




Our cyber security team can give you peace of mind by providing a thorough and rigorous risk assessment.

Vulnerability Testing

From IP addresses, to devices, and your network(s); our team of cyber security engineers will test and evaluate your systems to detect where the vulnerabilities may lie. Through a reverse engineering process, the Sentek team is able to identify exactly how a cyber-attack may make it through your network. Once points of vulnerability are identified, our team will work with you to close these gaps in security.

Risk Assessment

Taking a holistic approach, our consultants will look at your organization’s infrastructure as a whole by evaluating all platforms and assessing current protocols. This wide-reaching assessment will enable the Sentek team to assess risk across your entire organization and help implement an effective plan to reduce that risk company-wide.

Vendor Management

Most companies do not operate within a bubble and instead rely on various vendors to fulfill different needs. Our consultants can perform risk assessments of partner networks to ensure that partner vulnerabilities do not spread to your own business.
With the wide array of web security tools available, Sentek Cyber can help review, test and recommend which solutions(s) is best suited for your organization.




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