Cyber Awareness Training


Gives employees the knowledge they need to keep your network safe.


In this digital age, nothing is more important to the safety of your organization’s network than cyber awareness training.

The news is full of high-profile reports of large organizations experiencing data breaches and malware invasions. The recovery from these fiascos can be expensive and time-consuming, and data breaches leave sensitive consumer information vulnerable.

Who is often the biggest culprit, besides hackers, in these attacks on cyber security? Company employees. Employees who are not savvy in cyber security awareness can be a liability to any organization who relies on the security of their network. All it takes is one employee opening one phishing email for a disaster to strike your organization.

Sentek Cyber Awareness Training

Gives employees the knowledge they need to keep your network safe.

Sentek’s Cyber Awareness Training helps members of an organization learn the basics of cyber security and how to ensure the maintenance of company defenses against data breaches. Employees who are educated about threats and risks to cyber security are better able to defend against cyber-attacks.

With Sentek’s Cyber Awareness Training, employees will be given the tools they need to recognize suspicious emails and other potential avenues for network attacks. The Sentek team is dedicated to educating your team and helping improve your organization’s cyber security.




The Sentek Cyber Awareness Training offers tailored training to your team.

Content Expertise

The Sentek team has over 16 years of experience in cyber security and cyber security awareness training. Our educators stay up-to-date on the latest in the field and have the requisite knowledge to provide a comprehensive training program.

Efficient Solution

Our cyber awareness training program is easy to manage and can be dispatched to your team effortlessly. We also give you tools to monitor employee engagement and results, and ensure compliance across your teams.

Resources at your Fingertips

Our training program offers a multitude of add-ons, including tools, case studies, and reports that your team can repurpose and reuse as you see fit.

Responsive Support Team

The Sentek Support team is here for you as you deploy and manage the Cyber Awareness Training platform. Reach out to us any time you have questions, concerns, or need troubleshooting help.



  • Give your staff the tools they need to secure your organization with Sentek’s Cyber Awareness Training.
  • Make Cyber Security your organization’s priority with Sentek’s advanced Awareness Training platform.
  • Empower your employees. Protect your network. Learn more about Sentek’s Cyber Awareness Training


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