Advanced Threat Protection


Our system is able to quickly identify advanced threats and enhance existing network defenses.


 Protecting your organization from advanced security threats is vital to ensure the safety of your network.

The rise of cloud computing has given rise to increased pockets of vulnerability to advanced threats and potential data loss. High-profile network breaches make it clear that no defense system is 100% safe against ever-evolving malware. The inability to protect systems with 100% efficiency is increased when organizations rely on a single technology to defend their network.

Cloud-based security systems promise to provide advanced threat protection, but they often can only do so through a central corporate office. These systems are essentially useless in protecting mobile and remote users without complicated adjustments that detract from the overall security of the network.

Sentek offers advanced threat detection direct to your organization’s cloud ensuring that your entire network is protected. 

Our cloud-based advanced threat detection system requires zero software or hardware. Your organization’s overhead cost is lowered while your ability to offer increased protection to both your in-house and remote users is increased.

The Sentek advanced threat detection system is instantaneously deployed and offers the latest in protective technology. Our system is able to quickly identify advanced threats and enhance existing network defenses. The Sentek system also eliminates the need for maintenance, as updates are employed automatically (and transparently). Your organization also benefits from a faster user experience and reduced backhaul costs.



The Sentek Cyber Advanced Threat Detection system can give you peace of mind with the following features:


Using behavioral analysis, give new files a safe space to execute before letting that data integrate within your existing network.


Choose a customer-hosted or public cloud based on your organization’s needs and compliance issues.

Advanced Threat Detection and Analysis

The Sentek Cyber system locates unknown or previously undetected malware within your network with advanced data monitoring, giving your organization the ability to detect and stop a malicious attack before it starts.

Reduce Risk

The strength of the cloud system, the variety of analysis systems, and inclusive coverage are able to identify and sort both malicious and safe files.



  • Trust that your organization is protected with Sentek Cyber’s advanced threat detection.
  • Keep your network safe from malware with Sentek Cyber’s advanced threat detection
  • Our advanced threat detection system keeps your tech safe!


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