PCI Compliance


Ensuring compliance is vital to a business’s ability to function and grow.


Navigating the high stakes compliance mandates of the Payment Card Industry requires knowledge.

PCI regulatory standards are a requirement for any company that handles, processes, or stores credit card data. The major card brands require PCI standards to be employed by any company processing card transactions. The PCI Security Standards Council is continuously updating rules and regulations as technology progresses forward. The regulatory scheme can be complicated. Ensuring compliance is vital to a business’s ability to function and grow.

Data breaches are a huge topic of conversation lately, and companies who suffer from consumer data breaches have a PR nightmare on their hands. PCI compliance is vital to prevent these types of issues.

Many companies rely on “Standard Operating Procedures” to ensure they are prepared for the annual PCI compliance validation. But with an ever-changing regulatory scheme, reliance on outdated SOPs can result in mistakes and poor management of the PCI compliance process.

Our consultants are experts with over 16 years’ experience in compliance.

The Sentek team are experts in compliance and our consultants know the ins and outs of the evolving compliance regulatory scheme. Our team reviews current compliance processes, provides an assessment, and can help build a strong framework to ensure ongoing compliance. Sentek Cyber also offers ongoing consulting to monitor your company’s progress and make updates as needed.

The Sentek Cyber compliance team relies on expertise, technology, and efficiency to deliver the best in compliance services to your business. Compliance can be a full-time job, but our experts provide the tools to maximize compliance while minimizing resources needed to deliver. Protect your customers’ data and your revenue stream while maintaining your company’s reputation with Sentek Cyber’s compliance support.




Our PCI Compliance team offers the following services:

PCI Compliance Assessment

Sentek Cyber consultants will review your company’s current PCI compliance processes and procedures and identify gaps and areas for improvement.

Strategy Framework

After completing an assessment to detect security/process gaps, our Sentek Cyber team can help you build a framework that will keep you in compliance with PCI regulatory standards.

Ongoing Monitoring

Our work doesn’t end after we provide the framework for compliance. We provide ongoing monitoring tools to ensure your process stays up to date on the latest trends and changes in compliance.




  • Is maintaining PCI compliance crucial to your business? We can help.
  • What does it mean to be PCI compliant? The Sentek Cyber team knows.
  • Our consultants’ top priority is your business’s data security.


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