Why Your Company Needs Rigorous Mobile Penetration Testing

As more companies allow employees to access privileged information on mobile devices, whether through apps or email, security risks rise. Most people automatically believe that the things they read, view, and open on their smartphones are safe. Case in point: An Arxan study found that 84% of people who use mobile applications believe their health and financial information is secure. After all, you’re holding it right there in your hand – isn’t that the safest place? Unfortunately, we often put too much trust in mobile applications.

In reality, downloading and using apps that aren’t properly tested can open the way for security bugs, leaving you at a much higher risk of cyberattack. Mobile access to information certainly makes work more convenient for employees, and can boost overall productivity – but how can companies ensure that their corporate communications and data are safeguarded from cybercrime?

What is Mobile Penetration Testing?

Companies that are serious about using and securing their mobile data must have their apps tested for mobile penetration. Sentek Cyber performs penetration testing that finds and exploits vulnerability in an information technology infrastructure – in this case, a mobile infrastructure. Our testing looks for application flaws, inaccurate configurations, security threats, and how end-user adherence impacts the infrastructure.

Mobile penetration testing generally requires automatic or manual attempts to compromise servers. In other words, we try to breach your security, “attack” your system, and find potential exposure points. The ultimate goal of our mobile penetration testing is to identify security problems, present them to your IT staff, and find ways to eliminate them. Service interruptions and security breaches are huge headaches for companies; often leading to loss of productivity, revenue, and even reputation. Mobile penetration testing shrinks the risk of these problems arising, by aggressively and proactively looking for issues before they occur.

As mobile penetration testing is highly technical, it’s challenging to accomplish in-house; which is why many companies come to us for their mobile security needs.

Best Practices for Mobile Penetration Testing

Here are some of the things you can expect when partnering with us:

  • Clearly defined policy: Strong mobile security is key, but this goes beyond technical aspects. Your staff will receive training on how they can do their part to protect company information, and will sign a document stating that they understand their responsibility. As a trusted penetration testing company, we offer advice, best practices, and key points for developing the right training and documentation for your staff.
  • Validation: All devices will go through a validation process when company data is accessed – the same is true of port security, whether TPC or UDP. Mobile penetration testing will ensure that these validation features are working properly; and if not, the testing will identify where issues or bugs need to be addressed.
  • Security apps: It’s smart to safeguard mobile data with third-party applications that continually update to ward off the latest threats. We can match you up with the right additional security apps for your business’ mobile access needs.

It’s most important to perform mobile penetration testing whenever a technological change occurs: a new application is added, significant upgrades take place, end-user policies change, or when new devices come online for the company. In addition to testing at key milestones, best practice is to incorporate mobile penetration testing on a regular basis, as cybersecurity is constantly evolving and responding to new threats.


Ask an Expert

It can be hard to assess whether mobile apps are truly secure – they seem quite safe when we’re viewing them, but security bugs and other vulnerabilities can lurk beneath the surface. If you want to safeguard mobile access to your company assets, and lower the risk of a data breach, the best route is to hire a trusted mobile penetration testing firm like Sentek Cyber. Our experts will rigorously test your mobile data, and ensure it’s safe for remote access by employees. We also offer advice on employee policies pertaining to mobile access of company data so you can feel confident in all facets of your company’s security. When mobile penetration testing is done right, it prevents companies from experiencing costly downtime, security breaches, and potential fines. A secure mobile network protects the trustworthiness of a company, and makes it easier for employees to uphold the confidentiality and security policies of the company. Contact us today to learn more.